• Fondant cakes are priced based on serving-size and level of detail.  Typically they start at $6 per serving.

  • Buttercream cakes start at $4 per serving.

  • 3-D cakes start at $250.  (Minimum serving 20 people, some cakes may require more servings depending on the design.)

  • Sugar decorations, gum paste and fondant figurines may incur additional charges, typically starting at $20.

  • Cupcakes and cake pops start at $2 each, prices go up according to level of decoration and detail.  (Minumum order: one dozen.)

  • Most cookies range from $3-$6 each. (Minumum order: one dozen.)

  • If you have a budget, please let us know - we can work with you within reason.



​Our serving size is 1.5" by 2".  We will make sure that you have enough cake for your guests.  Larger size servings may require a larger cake.


Delivery available upon request.


Local delivery starts at $20, long-distance deliveries will incur additional mileage fees.